Outdoor Tour in Japan

Imagine a place not printed in any guide book, a place where English isn’t spoken, and a place accessible only by car. A place like this exists in rural Japan, cut off from most of the outside world. This is a world far apart from the advanced technology centers of Tokyo and Osaka. The Tohoku region of Japan is a place that continues to preserve its unique culture. If you choose to participate in our program, you can easily enter this world.







Enjoy 4 days of autumn leaves trekking, boat cruising, hot spring and Soba making.&deco(,,13){
2016.9/15-11/15 4 days


Have your fill of Japanese culture with mystery festival. &deco(,,13)


Enjoy snowshoeing, ski lessons, and other Japanese culture like a residence visit.

Outdoor Tours


A back country ski touring designed for experts. Enjoy skiing on a bona fide mountain.


A ski lesson program with designed for beginners. Enjoy skiing after only 2 days of lessons.


Strap on some snow shoes and head for the Zao Ice Monsters on a trekking tour.


Enjoy trekking to the peak of Mt. Gassan with the years last remaining snow.

1 Day Optional Tours

Sightseeing Tour

Experience Tour

Small Group Tour


Certified Guides


Local Residence


"Pole Pole" is a company that offers, sports, trekking, and cultural programs, specifically designed for foreign country sightseers visiting the Tohoku Region. It’s not limited to typical tourism spots. There are programs available for people who want to travel through and experience Japanese culture and nature.

Our policy is safety. We are professionally certified mountain guides, and we understand that most customers don’t have these qualifications. With this is mind, we believe that it is our duty to accompany customers safely, regardless of the activity. In order to protect our customers and the quality of our program, we offer programs for limited number groups. Groups of 2 to 10 members are normal, but at the most there have been groups of up to 20 members.

All of the Pole Pole culture programs are rooted in the livelihoods of the local people. In order to communicate daily life and work based on the Japanese culture and history of the region, we accompany our customers to places that are not generally considered tourist areas.



Singaporean Review

Highly recommended for people who are looking for a different type of holidays...read more


Taiwanese Review

是啊, 一定還要再去! 去感受皚皚白雪和溫暖親切的旅行, 這是pole pole farm特有 難以忘懷的魅力...read more


Indonesian Review

The people he met are all so friendly and fun. I am still day-dreaming about it now... read more

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