How to Get to Yamagata


Access from Tokyo to Yamagata is convenient. You can arrive by either train, bus or airplane at either, Yamagata Station, Yamagata Airport, Shonai Airport, Yamagata bus stops. So depending on time, budget and interests, please choose the best tour for you. If you reserve a tour with us, we will match your plans and pick you up from any one of these locations.



Highly Recommend

There is 1 train from Tokyo an hour and each cabin is quiet which makes for a very pleasant ride. The trip from Tokyo to Yamagata is roughly 2½hours. In the cabin you can enjoy the famous Japanese lunch box (bento). Furthermore, if you purchase the JR East Pass you can ride all you want for 5 days at a price of 21,000 yen.

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Save Time

There are two airports in Yamagata, the Shonai Airport which has 4 flights a day, and Yamagata Airport which has 2 flights a day, with flights arriving from both Haneda and Narita Airport. For international flights arriving in Haneda Airport, transferring flights to Yamagata is very convenient.

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Highway Bus

Save Money

The appeal of the highway bus is its price. Fare from Tokyo to Yamagata at its lowest is 3000 yen. Furthermore, the Willer Express Bus Company offers a ticket service that is usable on any road up to 5 times for a price of 15000 yen.

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