The culture program specifically focuses on the life of people in Yamagata, who to this day continue to embrace the intrinsic culture of Japan. Experience the local crafts and foods that have been passed down from generation to generation by a strong willed people who have endured many long winters. Their appreciation of nature and each passing season can be felt through these cultural experiences.


Visit a Local Residence

Experience the warmth and kindness of a rural Japanese residence. Understand the true meaning of Japanese hospitality, while sipping tea and enjoying Japanese sweets.

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Experience Washi (Japanese Paper) Making

Learn how to make Washi which is traditional Japanese paper. With only 3 people throughout Japan working as professional Japanese paper makers, you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

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Experience Soba Noodle Making

What’s more fun than kneading buckwheat flour? It’s enjoying the great taste after it’s been made into Soba Noodles. Try both!

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aroundle,Tea ceremony

Experience Japanese Tea-Ceremony

Enjoy a relaxing and authentic part of Japanese traditional culture.

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Hot-Springs Experience

This is a great way to wash away the worries and stress of everyday life. Enjoy several different types of hot springs such as, traditional, modern and wood.
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