British family's voice

Thanks so much for the pictures and thank you for the three days at pole pole farm. You made us feel very welcome and we all enjoyed it so much!!! We would never have seen and learnt so much if it wasn't for you. Thank you for all your driving and all the time you spent with us. You must be tired now!! Haha

Those three days in yamagata were very special and we will always remember them. Your local people are some of the nicest and kindest people I have met in the world!! You should be very proud of pole pole farm and keep up the good work!! We hope to return at some point in the future.

Singaporean family's voice

My family enjoyed the trip very much. Beautiful weather while we were there.

Nodi - the guide is superb. His service, guidance and knowledge is first class.
And being just my family, he has been flexible.

On the other hand, we have been flexible as well.
When we arrived, we found that it seems that the itinerary we have discussed have not been communicated to him.
However, we did not object because we are flexible and we went along with what he suggested.
Though we did not get to do what some activities stated in the itinerary, we are happy with what he has planned. All are happy, so no complaints.

It is a beautiful place, not commercialized like Hokkaido.
Highly recommended for people who are looking for a different type of holidays.

Taiwanese family's voice

我們參加過數次旅行社或自由行冬季日本玩雪行程,舉凡北海道,能登半島, 白川鄉,福島, 以及藏王我們都去過.但是今年的pole pole farm之旅卻是最美好的一次回憶!

Noboru很用心帶小朋友滑雪,幫他們錄影又拍照. 而不敢摔的老骨頭也別擔心, 他早已費心安排同時間兩種不同的活動內容, 讓每個人都能享受到屬於自己氣質的獨特旅遊活動. 本以為冬天去羽黑山只能隨意走走而已,沒想到他還帶了專門防滑的釘鞋,另外又請了一位神道教當地導覽員幫我們兩人解說建築涵義及神道教和佛教膜拜方式的差異.細心的他依每天的行程,帶我們享受不同的名湯. 對日本歷史有興趣的兒子說想去米澤參訪上杉博物館, 他就特意幫我們安排在山形的最後一天參觀, 並且送我們到車站搭車前往東京.

值得一提的溫馨是: 我不過在行前留言時提到若有需要是否有地方可買零食?結果抵達當天進房時竟然發現他幫小朋友準備了多達十種以上不同口味的各式補給品!!! 我們自己帶的東西根本沒機會吃。 而大廚手藝更是令人驚奇,沒想到在月山旁的民宿竟有如此超水準的演出.真正是 物超所值! 
孩子們在東京的旅館泡澡時,我聽見兩人竊竊私語: 啊, 真希望現在就回到pole pole farm, 我只想待在那裏! 我想念Nobi和Mote.

是啊, 一定還要再去! 去感受皚皚白雪和溫暖親切的旅行, 這是pole pole farm特有 難以忘懷的魅力.

Indonesian's voice

Thank you very much for your email. I am very happy to hear from you. Although I stayed only for one day, but I have indeed enjoyed myself very much. My friend, Fabian also enjoyed himself too. He told me as we were travelling to the shinkansen station. It is the first time he came to Japan and he had a chance to meet many new friends and visit nice scenarios and places in Yamagata. He said the people he met are all so friendly and fun.

I want to thank you specially for taking so good care of us. From fetching us at Yamagata station, to go to the mountain-top shrine, climbing all 1,000 steps to see such wonderful scenery, eating fresh yamagata soba and soba ice-cream, visiting the Otokoyama sake factory and experiencing local onsen. It has been a fantastic trip.

I particularly remembered the sumptuous dinner cooked by your mother and the great hospitality by the family and staff. Please help me to thank them. The dinner is so delicious....the rice, fish, vegetable, soup. I am still day-dreaming about it now! I also remember Yusuke-san and you keep pouring more and more sake into my glass. It is really good sake indeed.

As I mentioned to you, I will want to invite my friends to come to Yamagata in early August. I will liaise with them to confirm the dates and make a reservation to stay at your family lodge, and please bring us around to enjoy Yamagata again. My friends are from England and you can speak to them in English. I will wish to join the tour too. If possible, I will ask other friends including Yusuke to join us again. I am sure we will all make it a fun trip.

I will contact you soon once I have the dates confirmed.