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This tour is centered mainly in the Shonai Region of Yamagata Prefecture. Historical sightseeing places like Mt. Yudono, Mt. Haguro, Mogami Boat Cruise and Shonai Movie Village are located here. On this tour we will spend a day visiting these great places.


The Mogami River, running through Yamagata Prefecture, is loved by the local people as a "mother river," offering them rich and various gifts each season. One of the best sceneries along the river would have to be that of the Mogami Valley, which you can enjoy from the boat on a Mogami River cruise.

Haguro-san is the most easily accessible of the three mountains of Dewa Sanzan. At its summit stands Haguro-san Shrine, the only of the three Dewa Sanzan shrines which is open year round. Symbolizing birth, Haguro-san is usually the first shrine visited by pilgrims.

Haguro-san is the easiest to visit because of a toll road that allows visitors to reach the top by car or bus. However, the traditional and recommended approach to the shrine is via a walking trail, through a cedar forest that has over 2446 stone steps from the base to the summit of the mountain. Along the way, 33 figures carved into the stone steps bring prosperity to anyone who can find them all.



Shonai Eigamura (Shonai Movie Village) is a sightseeing spot located in Yamagata Prefecture in the Tohoku area, facing the Sea of Japan. It was established with help from local people with the aim of making Shonai the Japanese version of Hollywood. Shonai Eigamura has a large open set and a museum, and attracts more than 100,000 visitors annually.

Tour Schedule

DayPlaceTimeDetail scheduleMeal
After Breakfast in the lodge, we will take the Mogami River Boat Cruise. After lunch we will go to the Haguro-san Shrine and the Shonai Movie Set. We will take you to the station or airport.