There are many famous sightseeing spots throughout Tohoku. In Yamagata alone there are many sightseeing places rooted in the mountains like the three sacred mountains of Dewa and Mt. Zao. Our program gives our customers the chance to visit the places they want to see.


The Three Sacred Mountains of Dewa

(Mt. Gassan, Mt. Yudono and Mt. Haguro)
It doesn’t get more sacred than Sanzan Dewa. For over 1200 years this has been the central place throughout Japan for mountain worship.

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Ice Monster

Zao Hot Spring Resort

This place is a famous hot spring resort where you can enjoy skiing in the winter and trekking in the summer.

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Japanese Mummy

Yamagata is unique throughout Japan for its self-mummified monks. This process of self-mummification was practiced by a specific sect of Buddhism almost exclusively in current day Yamagata prefecture from the 11th to 19th centuries.
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Boat cruising

Mogami River Boat Cruise

This river, which exceeds 200km (125 miles) was used throughout history to transport goods. Now you can enjoy that same route on a lovely boat cruise.

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Movie set

Shonai Movie Villiage

This villiage has been used as a set in several motion pictures such as the 2009 film Ichi and the 2014 film Rurouni Kenshin. Enjoy watching actors perform in an Edo period styled village.

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Yamadera (Mountain Temple)

One of Japanese most famous classical poets, Kaoru Basho spent many days gathering inspiration for his poems from this cluster of temples nestled tightly into the rocky cliffs.

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Ginzan Onsen

Ginza Hot Spring Resort

This famous hot spring district gives you a glimpse of old Japan.

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