Experience Soba Noodle Making

Yamagata is famous throughout the country for its delicious soba, but even with many shops where delicious soba can be eaten, there are very few shops where you can make your own soba and eat it in the same place. Two things are essential in order to make delicious soba; fresh buckwheat seeds and pure water. Fortunately, Yamagata’s many buckwheat fields and natural Gassan spring water, provide us with both essential conditions in order to make the most delicious soba possible. We would love to have you experience making and eating genuine Yamagata soba!


Tour Schedule

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DayPlaceTimeDetail scheduleMeal
110:00 a.m.
After Breakfast in the lodge, we will experience Japanese Soba making with a teacher and then eat it for lunch. This tour will be finished at 13:00. We will take you to the airport or station.