Visit a Local Residence

Unless you have friends in many foreign countries most people on overseas vacations can’t visit private residences. But, a Japanese person’s true lifestyle can only be seen in a private residence. Hospitality for customers, taking care of crops in the field, and enjoying the flavors of the season, are all integral to the people living in the Tohoku region.

While adopting new technology and information, people take great care to preserve human relations that have existed since the olden times. Here is a place where the past and present have been perfectly fused together into a unique style. At first glance it may look like traditional Japanese style house, but take a closer look and you’ll find it has all modern facilities, central heating, the latest wood furnace and of course high speed internet. Traditional customs and events like, greeting your neighbor, helping the community, participating in festivals and funerals are all being preserved.

With our program you will experience warm hospitality while enjoying tea and sweets at a traditional Japanese house with an English speaking guide in the Japanese countryside where English is rarely spoken. If you have ever wondered how a typical Japanese person lives, then by all means please take this unique chance and experience it for yourself.


Tour Schedule

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DayPlaceTimeDetail scheduleMeal
110:00 a.m.
After breakfast in the lodge, we will go to a local residences house to enjoy tea and sweets. We will take you to the airport or station.

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