Trekking with the Snow Monsters of Mt. Zao
※Targeted for people with snowy mountain hiking experience and the appropriate equipment.

During the coldest part of winter on Mt. Zao it can drop down to a blistering -20°C (-4°F). In this harsh environment, the perfect mixture of cold-air and moisture turn normal trees into something that can only be described as an “Ice Monster.” On a sunny day at the right angle you can see Yamagata city and the beautiful Lake Okama, which formed from water accumulating in the mouth of the volcano.

We will take the Zao Liza Ski Area lift up to an elevation of 1400m (4590ft), and from there trek on snowshoe for 3 hours until 1800m (5905ft). We pass through large snow fields and ice monsters, to complete our 6 hour advanced trekking tour.

Mt.Gassan Trekking

Tour Schedule

DayCityTimeDetail scheduleMeal
1Yamagata Station9:00 a.m.We will pick you up at Yamagata station and go to the lodge to change clothes. Then after lunch, we will take a short trek in a natural beech tree forest.

2Yamagata Station17:00 p.m.After breakfast in the lodge, we will climb to the summit of Mt. Zao. The tour will finish around 15:00 p.m. We will take you to Yamagata station to conclude the tour.B○

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