We have put together a series of trips from Sendai to Yamagata for an unforgettable Autumn Colour-viewing Japanese cultural experience.

As autumn begins to set in and night-time temperatures drop, the leaves of the forests begin to turn vibrant shades as you have never seen before. Some change to red, others to yellow, and still others to brown.

Hmm, but what is so special? You might ask. Well, if you have never experienced a “take your breath away” moment by something so small, such as leaves, there is a first time for everyone. Trust me, my friend, you will feel the magic. Japanese Maple trees in the area do a lot of awe-inspiring as well. Their brilliant colours will capture your heart.

Tour Activities

Tour Schedule


Day1Pick you up at Sendai Station or Sendai Airport
16:00Sendai Sightseeing
18:00 Dinner at Sendai Beef Tang restaurant
Check in Hotel
Day27:30 Breakfast in the Lodge
9:00 Autumn Leaves Trekking
12:00 Lunch at Fall and beauty leaves place.
13:00 Yudono-san Shrine
16:00 Hotspring
19:00 Dinner at Japanese Restaurant.
Day37:30 Breakfast in the Lodge
9:30 Mogami river boat cruising
12:00 Lunch at farmer's restaurant
14:00 Haguro-san shrine
17:30 Dinner at speciality sushi restaurant.
Day47:30 Breakfast in the Lodge
10:00 Making Soba Experience
11:30 Lunch at Soba made by yourself.
14:00 We will take you at Sendai Station,Sendai Airport, Yamagata airport, or Yamagata station.

Departure Day

  • 2015/10/28~10/31  ※Last 4 seats
  • 2015/11/1~11/4
  • 2015/11/5~11/8  ※Last 7 seats
  • 2015/11/8-11/11
  • 2015/11/12-11/15


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Travel Information Session

Pole Pole staff will visit to your city and hold an information session. Please come to our session and ask us any questions.


Singapore Information Session
National Library Seminar Room
2015.8/30(Sun) 12:00-15:00


Bangkok information session
2015.8/31~9/2 17:00 - 22:00


Taipei Information Session

a:1603 t:1 y:2